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Docker FAQ

Where are the Docker images?

Images are available on

Linux images are available for 386, amd64, arm32v6 and arm64v8 architectures. There is no need to specify an architecture tag, docker will pull the correct image automatically with the latest tag.

What Docker tags are available?

It is recommended to use latest.

Using master is not recommended. You may be asked to give this a try while troubleshooting or debugging, but generally this will contain untested code or things that will break your graphs. The master docker tag is based from the master git branch and may contain bugs; you've been overly warned.

You can install a specific version by specifying a version like this:

docker pull

or minor version like this:

docker pull

or a major version like this:

docker pull

How can I build from source?

You can build your own image from source.

git clone
cd unpoller
make build

This builds a 64-bit amd64 linux image from scratch. If you need another architecture, use the docker build command directly with a correct --build-arg flag. Examples here.