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Installation Overview

Installation Overview

If you prefer you can keep this page open as you walk though the installation steps of the Unpoller suite.

The Unpoller suite allows you to collect data from your UniFi network controller, save it to a database, and then display it on pre-supplied attractive and data-rich Grafana dashboards

The 'suite' consists of three main programs that work togather. UnPoller itself --> The Database --> Grafana viewer dashboards

For more information check out how it works. If you're ready to get started, follow our step by step install guide below.

1) Choose an Installation Method

Chosing an Install Method

2) Setup Unifi login for Unpoller

No matter which method of installation you choose you will need to give Unpoller a way to access the infomation in your controller. You can setup Unpoller to get information from multiple controllers if you want, however we recommend getting one controller working before linking multiple.

Adding a login for Unpoller

3) Create Config

The config tells Unpoller where to find the Unifi controller(s), database, and other infomation. (If you are doing a Manual installation you may need some information from Step-4 to complete the config.)

Creating/Modifying Config

4) Install Unpoller Suite

Option 1 - Using a Docker image

Option 2 - Manual installation

Install Database: InfluxDB and Prometheus are both supported. You only need one.

InfluxDB is recomended, as it supports both metrics and logging. Prometheus can hold only metrics. Loki is made by the Devs of Prometheus to hold logs. If you want both metrics & logging you will need to install Loki alongside Prometheus.

Install Grafana: Grafana Installation

Install Unpoller: Platform specific install docs:

5) Setup Grafana

Setup Grafana

You're Done!

If you're having issues:

Advanced Setup & Customization

Multiple Controllers

!!! Need to flush this out with links to Grafana guides to manipulating dashboards, presenting data, and any scraps of infomation we can find on the Unifi data that's being pulled.