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Install Method

Chosing an Install Method

There are two main methods to install the Unpollor 'suite' (Unpoller and accociated programs)

Docker Image

This is the recommended way to install and the best option for new users.

Advantages of Docker

  • Easy to configure, as you can rely on pre-existing work.
  • Easy to update.
  • Reliable and well-supported.

Disadvantages of Docker

  • Some performance impact (though not likely to impact UniFi Poller, there is an overhead).
  • Relies on a base system for persistence of data.
  • May not be implemented on some useful platforms (eg NAS).

Manual Install

Install each of the components individually

Advantages of Manual

  • Works on systems that don't support Docker
  • You can make use of any components you already have
  • Less performance impact
  • Don't need hardware VM support

Disadvantages of Manual

  • Harder to update
  • Requires manual configuration

Device Specific

Some devices have specific install methods. If you have one of those devices the instructions for that device take precedence.

  • unRAID Template -- An unRAID Template is available in the Community Applications.
  • Synology -- Via Docker Image
  • CloudKey -- You may also install directly on a CloudKey, but that's an advanced setup and not generally recommended.

Next Steps

Installation Overview