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This application compiles and runs just fine on Windows.


Make sure you have set up a user on your controller for UniFi Poller to poll. You must have a working (and supported) version of Grafana and at least one of InfluxDB or Prometheus. If you don't have them, follow these instructions for installing InfluxDB and Grafana. You can review the installation overview if needed.


As it is now, a pre-compiled windows binary (.exe) is provided on the Releases page Unzip the file where you would like to install Unpoller. Drop a valid config file up.conf in the same directory, and you can run this on Windows by using the following command:

unpoller.amd64.exe -c up.conf

As long as Unpoller is running it should be retreiving updated data from your controller.

Please contact us on Discord if you need any help.

Next Steps

Installation Overview